10 Romantic Places to See in the Caribbean Before You Die

Valentine’s Day, a honeymoon, or an anniversary aren’t the only reasons to spend a romantic vacation in the Caribbean Islands. Couples can take a break any time they want to spend some romantic moments together in these amazing islands. The weather is always great. The sun is always shining. And the water is always nice.   

Here are the top 10 romantic places in the Caribbean.

The BahamasbahamasThis picture perfect setting offers rustling palm trees on the shoreline and crystal-clear water. It’s a sanctuary in isolation and many Bahamas resorts offer personal golf carts to help guests get around to enjoy the natural beauty.

Turks & Caicos – This is Eden on the water. You are sure to be amazed as soon as you land at the island’s small airport. Never allow the water to go out of your sight–you just can’t afford to miss it. There are also many uninhabited islands close enough that you can explore with your partner for some quiet, private moments.

Antigua – Hills and seas make up this small Caribbean Island. In between, you will find beautiful harbors with a lot of boats coming in and out. Allow your romance to blossom in the idyllic setting and opt for a private bungalow overlooking the bay at your Antigua hotel to catch some breathtaking sunsets together.

Puerto Ricoel morroThis one is a Caribbean destination with a difference. You and your loved one could explore the many historic sites of Spanish conquests. The island is small enough that you could have breakfast on the northern coast and drive to the southern coast by lunchtime. Don’t miss El Morro in San Juan.

Tobago – Tobago is small and beautiful. Watch the sun go down with a beer in one hand and your partner in the other. There are some amazing dive sites in Tobago that you and your mate could explore, as well as dazzling aquamarine bays and lush rainforests. There are small guesthouses and plush hotels in Tobago right alongside the ocean that will offer a romantic base for your Caribbean getaway.

Dominica – What is a romantic vacation without some dramatic photo opportunities? You will get many of them here. Take these pictures and keep them for posterity. Nature is at its best in Dominica–enjoy a romantic swim with colorful fish and enjoy the underwater silence. Sandy beaches, prehistoric rainforests, and a rocky coastline make the island extra special.

British Virgin IslandsGuana_Island_in_the_British_Virgin_Islands_is_for_Honeymooners_fSecluded beaches, great reefs, and fantastic dive spots are what make the British Virgin Islandsso special. Virgin Gorda and Tortola are the most-visited islands, but there are about 50 other small islands here, and most of them are pristine. Go on a romantic day trip to some of them and the two of you will make a trip to remember forever.

Diamond Waterfalls, St. Lucia – Diamond Waterfalls is a tropical splendor at its finest. The cascading water sprays like a diamond and wets you. There are mineral baths here were constructed by French King Louis XVI. Soak in the bath together for some romantic time with your loved one.

Maracas Bay, Trinidad – Trinidad is fantastic, but Maracas Bay tops it. Located about 60 minutes from Port of Spain, the drive alone here is very romantic. It goes through the Northern Range and gives you views of the Amazon parrots, howler monkeys, wild pigs, and ocelots. It’s perfect for romantic wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers.

ArubaBucuti_HoneymoonCouple_HAruba stands for silky sand, balmy sunshine, natural wonders, aquamarine waters, shopping, and great dining. Aruba has everything for romantic couples, and you’ll find plenty of opportunities for some intimate moments. There are high-dollar casinos too if you want to try your luck considering you’ve already won the lottery in love!