Romantic Things to do In Miami

miami romantic things to do

Miami is a place full of wonderment with its Latin culture and fun nightlife.  And while it’s known for a lively and glamorous party atmosphere, the beach location, amazing restaurants, and free spirit throughout the city also make it one of the most romantic places on earth. Here are our recommendations for a romantic weekend in Miami.

The Hotel Fontainebleau is a must as far as hotels in Miami go. Built in 1929, it is one of the most regal and lovely hotels in the world, updated to have some of the most wonderful features imaginable.  That means that anywhere you go, you will find a new source of wonderment.  There are over 10 restaurants and 5 nightclubs, including LIVE, which is known for its great grooves and the best cocktails in Miami.  The pool area is a fantasy unto itself.

South Beach is the home of some of the most beautiful people in the world, but it is also one of the most beautiful beaches.  Whether you want to enjoy the waves, show off your tan, or relax with your love, this is a great place to do it.  You won’t find many little children playing in the sand, so you’ll be able to unwind in peace under the sun and feel the excellent vibes of relaxation.

If you are a fan of Hemmingway or you just need a break, the Florida Keys are an excellent destination.  With many places to go and lots of things to do, you can relax on a private beach, swim with turtles or dolphins, and take in some fantastic island culture.  There is nothing more magical than spending time with a loved one taking in the beautiful views of the ocean as you look out over the edge of nothingness.

Key Biscayne is a lovely locale to relax and enjoy everything that island life has to offer.  Off of the beaten path, there are many private beaches which will give you the opportunity to let loose, take in the waves, or maybe even catch a ride on them, and enjoy other comforts like lounging in a hammock with your love.  The island is in an exclusive location with many quiet condos which will allow you to have everything you are looking for and enjoy all of the benefits of some intimate time together.

Miami holds many jewels, all of them so close together. Know how to explore them and you and your partner will have many romantic and memorable moments waking up in a new world.