Romantic Restaurants in Singapore

romantic restaurants in Singapore 2014When you go to Singapore, it is one of the most romantic cities in the world, with its beautiful skyline and best restaurants.  One thing that cannot be understated is the amount of 5 star and institutional restaurants present.

Iggy’s at the Hilton is one that cannot be missed, with its fusion of Australian and Asian delights, people have been flocking to their tables since 2004.  There is something for everyone here with all of the amazing tastes and flavors of the freshest cuisine and the best seafood options.  They have expanded their operation to now have 2 private dining rooms as well as many other options which in the past would have been only a dream.

Waku Ghin is also considered to be one of the best restaurants in the entire world.  It is a fusion of Japanese and European style cuisine which will ensure that you are happy with everything that comes from the kitchen.  Although it may seem a bit expensive, there is nothing better than knowing that you have one of the best options money can buy for your meal.  There are many ways to be able to appreciate the delicacies of this restaurant.  The number of chefs and guests is about the same so you will know for certain that you have the best.

At JAAN you will have the best in everything French, if you have been looking for the best possible cuisine.  You will be happy with the knowledge of the staff and the view of the skyline.  Importing everything to ensure that the taste is authentic, there is never anything which is left to the imagination.  There is a lovely freshness about the cuisine, and the atmosphere is so romantic.  Over the nights of Singapore you have never found a better place for a proposal or some quality time.

Les Amis is known for its charm and elegance.  Since opening in 1994 many of the world’s dignitaries have flocked there to have a bite of the good life and a taste of elegance.  Specializing in gourmet French food, the lineup is always being reinvigorated with the best options from France.  Everything gorgeous and vibrant from France is incorporated into the meals, whether you are looking for China or colors you can be assured it is one of the most romantic spots in Singapore for elegance and for style.