Caribbean Honeymoon Spots to Visit

typical Caribbean landscape

Caribbean is exactly the most wanted place to visit for honeymoon because this island has beautiful spots where people can dig in their romantic level of a relationship into the highest one. Caribbean is also perfect for couples who want more adventure in water, because snorkeling sites are everywhere. So, what spots you can visit in Caribbean for honeymoon? Here is the list:

1 Antigua

The amazing beach

Want more beautiful beaches in Caribbean? Antigua answers what you need. This water world is perfect for sunbathing and sailing. For adventurous honeymooners, playing canoe and skiing could be the only option. The atmosphere near this island is romantic that it is not really exposed. Antigua island is perfect for low budget couples because they could go to The Curtain Bluff Resort. Want to eat delicious food? The Home restaurant gives you authentic West Indian menu in an affordable price.

2 Aruba

The landscape

Aruba is crowded. For honeymooners who want a city-like scene, this is perfect for them. But for couples who dream of serene places to live in, they will never find it here. Aruba has crystal sandy with blue water. Bucuti Beach Resort Aruba offers classy rooms facing beautiful view from island.

 3 Anguilla

a feature overview

Anguilla is a part of Caribbean islands where honeymooners mostly come here. Foodies could also come here because near Anguilla there are more than 100 restaurants and cafe to eat. However when you and your couple look for more serious trip, this is not for you. Couples coming here usually aim at snorkelling and diving. Don’t worry about the place you should sleep because hotels and resorts are placed around Anguilla of which price ranges from low to high price.

4 British Virgin Islands

The wonderful sea

Welcome to British Virgin Island! Sailors and honeymooners come here to enjoy their good time. British Virgin Island welcomes those who do not have much money to spend. For those who look for adventurous scene, this place is what they need. Snorkelling, diving and swimming are to name a few of outdoor activities people could do here.

Before arriving in Caribbean Island, you need to make sure that everything has been planned well. From America and Europe, the cost to go to Caribbean could be so expensive, therefore, you need to plan everything well. Consider the first reason why you go here. Do not always spend too much money on wasteful stuff like souvenirs or classy food. Go and walk on the street, you could find so many stalls selling cheap food with great taste.

For lodging, it is better for you not to take high class lodgings like five rated hotels or inns because you will need to spend much money on it. It is going to be different if you want to make your holiday season different from other moments because you need to rent high class inn or hotel for it. But if you just come to Caribbean to enjoy beautiful moment with your lovers because you both are adventurous, you just need to spend the night in inns or hotels.