Honeymoon Destinations for City-Lovers

Honeymoons don’t have to take place in the mountains, on the sea,  or in a faraway place to be romantic. Cities offer many options for people to spend their romantic moment together. Contemporary hotels filled with abundant dining options and cozy nuisances can be some fantastic alternative honeymoon options. The most obvious choice for a city honeymoon is Paris, the capital of both France and romance.  There you’ll find gorgeous Renaissance architecture, wonderful food, and gloriously romantic moments. 

Man carrying his girlfriend in his arms in Paris

 You and your partner will find both royalty and romance for the perfect place to kiss in the streets and settings you can’t find anywhere other than Paris.  And then there’s the art.  Check out the Musee d’Orsay to see some beautiful impressionist works.  Paris is filled with love, romance, and charm. For a cozy dinner of flavorful bistro fare, try Le Timbre on Rue Sainte Beuve. All is perfect for a Paris honeymoon, both in summer and in winter, sizzling or drizzling.

paris romance

If your budget isn’t big enough to afford Paris, then go to Prague, Czech Republic. Want to be like king and queen or prince and princess? Go to Old Town Square where you can find a stunning clock tower, the Charles Bridge, and the National Theater.


In the US, the first city honeymoon option would, obviously, be New York.  However, if you’re looking at a tight budget, you might reconsider.  Yes, New York is one of a kind and can offer you some amazing honeymoon moments, but you’re going to have to pay New York prices.  Still, get some couples shopping in on Fifth Avenue (or just window shop for free), go to the Top of the Rock observation deck for a fantastic view, and then catch dinner and a Broadway show.  For some authentic New York City honeymoon moments, head down to the West Village, SoHo, Nolita, or the Lower East Side.  Not only will you see New York at its most authentic, you’ll also give your wallet a little break.

Davina and Daniel elope at the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada

Another great US honeymoon option includes Las Vegas.  Whether or not you like to gamble, Vegas has plenty to do for honeymooners.  Drop some money in the casino, take in a show, or go to a spa.  You can even take a helicopter tour over to the Grand Canyon, which will lend a super romantic moment to your Las Vegas honeymoon.