Only Available in Bali

Bali Rice Paddy

Bali has a number of aliases like the Island of Gods, Island of Paradise, Island of Love, etc. Part of the Indonesian archipelago, Bali is very popular among international tourists, particularly from Australia since it’s so close.  There are many great things to do and gorgeous things to see while in Bali. The gentle breezes, lush landscape, and open-air cabanas lend an automatic feeling of romance–as does almost everything in Bali.  And making it even more special are the attractions that can only be enjoyed in Bali.  So, enjoy:

Paddy Fields
Fine, paddy fields aren’t just in Bali, but here you can enjoy the peaceful and pretty multi-color, terraced paddy fields. You can explore them by yourself or simply ask some local guides for a tour.

Start your exploration from Ubud Palace, then move west on Jalan Raya Ubud. From this point, just follow signs and you will pass the River Wos and Campuan Ridge before arriving at the Penestanan village.

Avant Garde
Balinese people appreciate various kinds of artwork–from topless women to complicated paintings and sculptures. Sika Gallery in Campuan, Ubud, features commercial art, both modern and traditional. I Wayan Sika, artist cum curator, can guide you to enjoy his and his colleagues’ best works.

Ketut Liyer
The “Eat, Pray, Love” phenomenon has made local medicine man Ketut Liyer into the limelight after his appearance in the movie starring Julia Roberts. Pay a visit to the elderly medicine man to consult about life, love, and fate.

Babi Guling
Babi guling, a.k.a roast suckling pig, is popular in Bali, but the best place to enjoy this heavy meal is at Ibu Oka restaurant. Babi guling is a whole roasted pig stuffed with traditional spices and served with rice and vegetables.

Jari Menari Massage
Jari Menari is literally translated as “dancing fingers.” Customers are assured a perfect body and mind balance after being treated. The all-male staff combines a number of massage techniques like Swedish, Balinese, and deep tissue. Book in advance.

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