Romance in the Italian Lakes Region

For a romantic getaway in Europe, Italy is one of the best options. Everything there seems to have been created just for couples to enjoy, hosting a romantic honeymoon or celebrating their wedding.

Venice, Rome, and Pompeii are some of the places you’d automatically think of going for a first trip to Italy, but along the northern border of the country, the Italian Lakes Region offers one of the most uniquely romantic settings in the country.  Surrounded by the Alps, the lakes let more than just a romantic setting, they also give you a sense of being in heaven.

Italy’s most common lakes are Garda, Como, and Maggiore, each of which (and even moreso combined), offer the perfect setting for a honeymoon or a couples getaway.  Whether you hold a lakeside picnic, go on a hike through the mountains, stroll through the regin’s famous gardens, or take a romantic boad ride across the calm water, Italy’s lakes offer the perfect setting.

Start your romantic getaway at Lake Maggiore, the northernmost end of which extends into Switzerland.  You’ll want to spend a lot of time actually out on the lake, taking in its beautiful shoreline and visited these quaint islands of like Isola Bella, Isola Madre, and Isola Pescatori.

Nearby, you’ll find Lake Como, famous for its glamorous towns where international celebrities have chosen to buy homes.  Como, Bellagio, and Varenna are just some of the towns worth visiting.  The shores of the lake gently crash against the jetties of opulent Epoque villas, immediately transporting visitors to the early 1900s.

For a summertime rendezvous, head to Lake Garda, the biggest lake in Italy.  In addition to some beautiful resorts along the shore, you’ll also be close to the enchanting city of Verona, home to Romeo & Juliet as well as a summer opera festival.  Sirmione and Gardone are both towns on the lake which are famous for their elegance.

Also near to Lake Garda is Monte Baldo, which is a must-visit for climbers and nature lovers. Take a day trip to Gardaland, which is a fun amusement park where you can feel like a kid again.