Romantic B&Bs in England

England is a beautiful country. Beautiful countryside, a stunning coastline, lakes, rivers, woods, little towns, and castles and heritage everywhere…it has everything. All you need is a romantic bed and breakfast to make your vacation special. Count yourself lucky as there are many such wonderful properties to choose from. Select any one of them and whisk your love away. You are likely to spend the most romantic vacation of your life. 

Forty Winks, London40-Winks-04-1150x766You don’t have to look far to find romantic B&Bs in England. You’ll actually find one right in London itself – it’s the Forty Winks. Often described often as a “hidden gem,” Forty Winks is a townhouse that remains tucked away from the always-busy Mile End Road. The façade of the building is stunning, but you will have to go inside to uncover the real magic this place offers. The paneled hallway leads guests to their rooms, which are full of stunning objets d’art. The lobby with a library and a wooden fireplace is just right for getting cozy.

26 Hillgate Place, London26-hillgate-placeHave you seen the Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts movie “Notting Hill”? It’s among the most romantic films ever made. 26 Hillgate Place is located in the Notting Hill section of London, and love is always in the air here. This tastefully-decorated townhouse goes back to 1840 and each guest room is flawless and tasteful. Try to get the Caribbean theme room, which is full of gorgeous textiles and antiques. You won’t find a more romantic place than the rooftop terrace. Just sit here with your love and have some tea.

The Waverley, CumbriawaverleyThe Waverley is a fantastic property with a long history – 1870. It’s in the romantic town of Windermere. You’ll definitely fall in love with the airy and sunny bedrooms that are contemporary and elegant. The fire burns in the lounge when it gets chilly. It’s the most romantic B&B in the region to explore the surrounding areas. Guests have loved the menu served here as well.

Wesley House, Gloucestershire almsburyThis is a stunning half-timbered 15th Century property in picturesque Winchcombe. It is named after the founder of the Methodist Church, John Wesley. The bedrooms might be small, but they are extremely cozy and comfortable. Still, the glass atrium is the most romantic place in this British B&B, which covers the outside terrace. You’ll love taking in the views while sitting here with a drink in hand and your partner beside you.