Romantic Fun in Rome

In a city that has been around for tens of thousands of years, there is certainly no lack of activities and attractions. In Rome, there is quite literally something for everyone’s taste. That includes numerous places to enjoy romantic fun in Rome. 

Vespa Travel
roman holidayWhat can’t be missed with your romantic trip in Rome is the arms of your lover set around your waist as you travel through Rome on a Vespa scooter. With one of these, you can go in and out of the smaller roads without a problem, exploring the neighborhoods of Rome, enjoying the wonders like a local, and reenacting the iconic scenes of “Roman Holiday.”

Temple of Roma and Amor
This Roman temple was built in the 2nd Century to offer worship and sacrifice to Venus, the goddess of love, and to the goddess Roma. The grounds are very peaceful and still to this day bring forth a sense of love.

Trevi Fountain
This area is quite famous to those not so romantically involved as well, so expect to find people at the fountain at all times of the day or night. However, it isn’t a place to miss either. The fountain is lit up brilliantly after sundown, lending a soft, ethereal feel to your romantic evening.

Aventine Hill
aranciWhile exploring Rome, be sure to check out one of the surprises of the city at Aventine Hill. A serene walk along the lane will take you past churches of the Middle Ages, including the Basilica of Santa Sabina. You and your love will also have the opportunity to see some gorgeous gardens at Parco Savello, also known as the Giardino degli Aranci. The garden began with the planting of a simple orange tree by Saint Dominic in the 13th Century. The surprise that the avenue hides is through the keyhole of the headquarters to the Priory of the Knights of Malta. If you peek through the hole, you will see a beautiful view of the Vatican.

Appian Way
All right, the history of the Appian Way is a bit on the bloody side, but the current-day atmosphere of this area of Rome is just the opposite. Sweet cobblestoned lanes greet romantic couples to a tranquil setting. The road itself is over 2,200 years old and has seen its share of love as well as its historical roots in the not-so-lovely, as it was the road to crucifixion for many a Christian soul. Today, you will find a shaded way full of umbrella pines while surrounded by the richer of Rome’s residents with ornate gates to luxurious villas.

Villa Farnesina
Villa FarnesinaMaybe you and your honey don’t enjoy walks or rides through Rome. Perhaps you lean more toward the romance found in a gallery amongst some of the greatest works of art around. Renaissance man Agostino Chigi would have wild banquets at this villa after he had it built, and lived here with his mistress. Frescoes include themes of love and decadence, some of which were painted by Raphael.

Tiber River
Water gives life to us in many ways, including with some romantic fun for couples. Tranquil and soothing, the Tiber River is an excellent choice to walk along after a candlelight dinner. One spot along the river that is sought after by the romantics is the bridge of Ponte Sant’Angelo crossing to Castel Sant’Angelo. Views from there, as well as the wonderful statues along the bridge itself, are succulent to the senses.

The Gianicolo
Gianicolo is an elevated boulevard that can take you from Trastevere to the Vatican on a lovely, handheld jaunt through Rome. At the top, a notable view of the cityscape can be found. You will also be able to eye many of the monuments that stretch through time. Recommended more as an evening walk, and as one of the most historic walks through Rome, you will see busts of many Italian patriots as well as a statue of Garibaldi along the way.

Time to Eat
romantic restaurants in romeWhen in Rome, you will find a huge amount of eateries to choose from. But what about trying to find someplace for a romantic dinner in Rome? If you head over to Travestevere, the quaint lanes by the river house some small, quiet, romantic places for a bite to eat. Otherwise, some of the better romantic restaurants in Rome include Da Carlone and the garden restaurant in Hotel Hassler, near the Spanish Steps.

Rome is a city of wonder, history, and romance. You will find very little trouble in discovering romantic things to do in Rome.