Romantic Getaways for Foodies in America

The traditional standard for getting loved and giving love is symbolized by bucket of roses, chocolates, and thousands of flirty words, but have you ever noticed that love can also be manifested through food? This explanation is clearly understood if you and your spouse are foodies who like to hunt for delicious flavors.

Foodies could go to the nearest restaurants first before going to the further ones. When you’re in America, just stay in this continent to explore the foodie treasures. You don’t need to have a big budget to go on a trip to European cities such as Paris, Rome, or to Asian countries just to eat some exotic food. You could sit on your bench and write down some simple plans that you could do in America.

There are some perfect destinations in America where foodies could go for a romantic moment. What are they?

Fresh food from a farm could inspire foodies. If you want to be more serious in taking this relationship then you need to consider some simple activities in farm. Who says that all activities in farm cannot be fun for romantic couples? Farm to table restaurants such as W.A. Frost located in Minnesota could be the next stop. Although it is located in the middle of farmland, you’ll be charmed by its elegant decor.

With vintage colored walls, the restaurant brings old theme which you cannot find anywhere in modern themed restaurants. When rain falls, you will find another perfect moment with your beloved one. You will feel not being in America but also in another place like European or even Asia.

You could continue your second plan to The Inn at Little Washington in Virginia. The Inn  is a European farmhouse which is popular for European cuisine. Well, as what it has been said before that you do not need to go outside of America to find classy European cuisines. Moreover, the visitors here are spoiled with grassy fields, beautiful gardens, and hundreds of trees.

Foodies can be related with adventure since love cannot be maintained without tough adventure in life. So, when you are an adventurer both with skiing and with Asian foods, try the Mongolian food at The Yurt in Utah.

Still, America isn’t just limited by three places mentioned above. Foodie couples could still find another restaurant to eat. What you need to do here is make good plan and know the best restaurants serving delicious or unique food.