Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in South Africa


Makakatana Bay Lodge

South Africa is one of the most exotic countries in the world, famous for wild adventure and  mysterious animals.  But still, safaris and the open plains aren’t all South Africa is known for.  There are also tons of romantic spots for a honeymoon, date, or anniversary celebration. While you might want to immerse yourself in the world of lions, tigers, and giraffes, don’t think that’s all you’ll find in the gorgeous, diverse country of South Africa.  Here are some of the most romantic places you can stay during your lovefest in South Africa:

Leeuwenhof Country Lodge and Garden Spa
For those who dream of luscious spa getaways, try this one, The Leeuwenhof Country Lodge and Garden Spa. This spa center will welcome you and your mate with a nice massage after a long day in the African bush. Combining luxury with a wild sense of African culture, Leeuwenhof is a truly romantic place to visit.

The Winchester Mansions
Winchester Mansions, just 30 minutes away from Cape Town International Airport, offer guests some of the most romantic suites and rooms in the entire area. Couples can enjoy incredible views of the sea and the mountains. For a lazy yet delicious and exciting morning, head to the Jazz Branch, where you can get some amazing food while listening to some top-notch jazz music!

Another romantic South Africa hotel to check out is Franschhoek Hotel & Spa. Some call it the most amazing romantic getaway in the country, and with its beautiful guest rooms that explore African nuance, it’s easy to understand why. Furnished with amazing modern, white furniture, Franschhoek also boasts spectacular mountain views from your oversized windows or private veranda. Nearby, you’ll find plenty of vineyards producing typical South African wines.

Legend Golf and Safari Resort
Located in Limpopo, South Africa, most people go to the Legend Golf and Safari Resort to celebrate the beautiful moments in their lives. The hotel offers both a romantic and an attractive experience for both everyday vacationers as well as golf enthusiasts. Winner of the 2012 World Travel Award, the number of visitors heading to the resort is constantly increasing.

Makakatana Bay Lodge
The only bay lodge you’ll find in South Africa is Makakatana, which gets its name from a Zulu chief who once lived nearby. For couples who want to learn more about African culture in a romantic setting, this island is perfect. With so much wildlife and picturesque surroundings, Makakatana offers a one-of-a-kind romantic experience through wildlife adventure.

For more information, visit the South African government’s official tourism site.