Romantic Restaurants in Dubai


Pierchic Dubai

Dubai is one of the most cutting-edge cities on the planet.  With constantly pushing-the-limits architecture, tons of expatriates, and lots of people with money to spend, this city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is constantly changing, adapting to the tastes of its fluctuating residents as well as the jetsetters who stop in for some fun in paradise.

Aside from its uber-modern skyscrapers, indoor skiing, endless shopping, and man-made island chains formed into various shapes, Dubai hotels take service and comfort one step further than anywhere else in the world.  The city also has beautiful and romantic restaurants very suitable to be visited with your boyfriend/girlfriend.  Here are some of the best:

This seafood restaurant is located in Jumeriah with beautiful beaches surrounding it.  Situated at the end of a long pier, Pierchic is suspended over turquoise water with the enormous Al Qasr hotel on one side and iconic sailboat-shaped Burj al Arab on the other.  A great location for a wedding, birthday party, or anniversary celebration, Pierchic is perfect for a marriage proposal or just a plain old romantic dinner.  The seafood menu is fantastic, and all of the dishes are superb.  The amazing ocean surrounding the restaurant will create romance without you having to put in much effort!

This French restaurant belongs to the infamous Gordon Ramsay, so you know you’ll be able to expect the best in service and cuisine–or else!  The romantic atmosphere created by dim candlelight is a great pairing with the unique and flavorful dishes being served.

The Dhow
Another great seafood restaurant in Dubai Marina, The Dhow is unique for another reason–it floats.  If you can, try to get a table on the top of the dock right around sunset.  You and your partner will be blown away not only by the food, but by the unforgettable views and natural romance.

A Moroccan restaurant in Dubai Marina, Tagine is decorated with rugs, paintings, and beautiful lanterns that create a calm and romantic atmosphere. This restaurant is perfect for anyone looking to try some new cuisine with their loved one.

Eau Zone
Eau Zone is a romantic outdoor restaurant serving up international cuisine.  You an your mate will love the candles decorating each table as well as the European, Thai, Chinese, and western dishes you’ll be tasting.


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