Romantic Restaurants in Paris

You will have an easy time finding romantic restaurants in Paris. After all, Paris is the city of romance. Many restaurants actually advertise themselves as “romantic” here and they spend a lot of money on velour-cushioned chairs, zinc-plated bars, and antique mirrors so that tourists are drawn in by the ambience. Sometimes the restaurant would go instead to exploit its amazing city views. But no matter what it is, you will never want to compromise on the food quality, of course.

Here are some of the most romantic restaurants in Paris that serve great food, too.

LapérouseLAPEROUSE-LEFT_BANK_PARIS_FRANCEThis has been among the finest restaurants in the Paris for many years now. The ambience is just perfect for love, and the food is amazing as well. Victor Hugo, George Sand, and Émile Zola regularly visited this Latin Quarter restaurant. It is located in a townhouse beside the River Seine. Look closely at the mirrors inside and you will see scratches from the days when mistresses would check the value of their jewels. Request a private salon for all of the romantic moments you can imagine. It will give you an intimate experience.

Benoît – The vintage setting here has remained unchanged since 1912. You’ll feel as if you are back in the Paris of old times, though the menu has been modernized and improved upon often, making it as good as you can find elsewhere. You will be served marinated salmon, mushroom cream sauce, and the best cassoulet in Paris. Benoît is located in the Marais neighborhood.

Le 58 Tour EiffelLe 58 Tour EiffelEverybody sees the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Go a step further and dine in the tower itself. You won’t find a more romantic restaurant in the city. Le 58 Tour Eiffel is located on the first level of the tower, so you will get fantastic views through the large windows. Look up closely at the tower’s metallic design. The décor is both contemporary and rustic. Le 58 Tour Eiffel serves traditional French cuisine and drinks are served on the ground floor.

Taillevent – The good thing about this restaurant is the price. Paris isn’t affordable for most people, and the restaurant scene is much the same, to be honest. At Taillevent, though, you can have lunch for €80. The first room within the restaurant is stunning, but not great if you are looking for an intimate setting. If that’s the case, try the second dining room, which feels like a secret club.

Bistrot des Deux ThéâtresBistrot des Deux ThéâtresThis is a French bistro in Montmartre for theater lovers. Everywhere you look, you’ll see black-and-white pictures of actors, giant oil paintings of celebrities, and red-velour banquettes. It is crowded at all times, and for good reason, too. But you can still feel cozy in a quiet corner. This bistro offers an experience that is difficult to match as the food, coffee, and wine are all very good.