Romantic Things to Do While in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city where loving young couples can reap the benefits of their youth to the fullest. How to maximize a romantic getaway experience while in Amsterdam?  Check out these ideas:

1. Explore Amsterdam in the evening

Amsterdam in the evening is perfect for couples to walk hand-in-hand along the streets by the canals. Sit for a while on the canal bench while staring at the sky.

2. Take a cruise
Obviously, it is not really an affordable idea for some couples, but if you have the chance rent a private boat and cruise the canals in the city, just the two of you, do it.

3. Dine In
There is a fine dining place called Ciel Bleu on the level 23 of Hotel Okura in Amsterdam. You can get the most romantic dining experience with the best view in the city.

4. Book into a 5-star property
The legendary loving couple John Lennon and Yoko Ono stayed in Hilton Amsterdam in 1969. You can follow their step to get an extraordinary, opulent, and romantic ambiance while in Amsterdam.

5. Not another Flower time
Giving flowers is a cliché treat in romance, but you can make it different while in Amsterdam by taking your lover to the Bloemenmarkt or Flower Market where you can have them soaked in various kinds of flowers.

6. Get some polished diamond
In Amsterdam, diamond-polishing is quite popular. You can get a slice of polished diamond fresh from the oven with free guide available for your trip.

7. Explore Amsterdam by carriage and horses
The canals in Amsterdam are wonderful. And what can be more romantic than exploring the city by riding carriage along the canals and through the bridges?