The Best Places in Europe for a Romantic Spring Getaway Weekend

Europe is quite small, its roads are good, and the trains are fast, meaning you can easily travel long distances in a short amount of time. Both driving and taking the train are a pleasure journeys. All of this means that taking a getaway weekend in the spring to a dream destination can be quite convenient. The only problem is choosing a destination. Here are a few options for the best European spots for a romantic weekend.

tulip-fields-of-NetherlandsThe Netherlands is a fantastic country to visit any time of the year, but it’s a particularly good place to visit during spring, as its world-famous tulips can be found blooming almost throughout the entire country—in the northern parts of the country, as well as in the Noordoostpolder and the Westland. Make it a point to attend the tulip festival or, at the very least, travel the special route that will take you along the most panoramic tulip fields.

There are plenty of reasons for visiting Italy, but spring is especially pretty with all of the flowers in bloom throughout the country’s famed gardens. With fewer tourists and multiple food festivals, you will find plenty of things to explore—and lots of time to explore them at your won pace. A great feast is held in Venice to honor San Marco, the patron saint of the city, and the Genoa area hosts the Sagra del Pesce, or the fish feast, at Camogli. It’s a great food festival for all fish lovers.

Taiga Forest in FinlandFinland would be a very cold place to visit during the winter, but it’s another story in the spring. Head to the Taiga Forest in Finland to see a lot of spring flowers, as well as the frozen water bodies beginning to come back to life. But the number one reason for visiting the country during spring is the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights. You don’t want to miss this.

Spring time in Bulgaria is the time for festivals.  This East European country hosts the Wine Festival in Plovdiv, which is among the oldest cities in the continent, in addition to being a photographer’s delight. There is also the Baba Marta festival and, if you are a movie buff, then you should go to the film festival that is held every year in Sofia.

St. Fiachra at the St. Fiachra's GardenDon’t forget Irelandspring is a great time to visit. You should go see both the Japanese Gardens and the Irish National Stud.  Discovering St. Fiachra at the St. Fiachra’s Garden would be a nice bonus and a good enough reason in and of itself for a spring trip to Ireland.