The Best Romantic Destinations for Newlywed Couples


Make sure your honeymoon as special as possible because it is the most awaited
moment for every groom and bride after all the wedding plan matters have officially

Now that you don’t want to disappoint yourself and your wife/husband, you have to
be sure that your honeymoon destination is the best that you can get. Here are some

1. Tahiti

The beautiful island

The pristine beaches and warm sun light are tremendous in this paradise island. The
quiet villages are truly remarkable with the warmth of the Tahitian people. Don’t miss
the chance to try the Polynesian spas and to snorkel. Beautiful fish and a creepy plane-
wreck can be found underwater.

You can find all information about Tahiti in this website:

2. Rome

One of the best city in the world

Rome is where romance and history meets. There are fountains, gardens, historical
landmarks, etc, The city is big and the traffic might be a bit complicated but the romantic
ambiance plus delicious gastronomy are too fantastic to be left out.

3. Paris

The Eiffel Tower

Do we really need to say something about this city? Paris has always been a popular
destination for romantic couples. Who can resist the opportunity to do the romantic
French kiss on the Eiffel Tower? Furthermore, Parisian cuisines are really delicious.

4. Hawaii

Really romantic place

Hawaii islands could be the most popular honeymoon destination in the US. The islands
are brilliantly prepared for tourists who expect tropical breeze and wildlife warmth during their trip. As a result, thousands of tourists visited the islands every year.

This is the official tourism site of Hawaii:

5. India

A country to be discovered

India has transformed into one of the fastest growing country in Asia. Take 3-5 days
trip to explore India. Visit the Taj Mahal, an evidence of a long lasting love. Go ride on
the elephants and learn the culture. Foodies will love the authentic Indian food in the

6. Bahamas

The white sand

If it is a lively nightlife that you are after, Bahamas will serve the purpose. The
entertainment at night is like never going to end. As for the alternative, you can stay in a
cottage in front of the sea and while dating with your loved one you will be surrounded
only by breezy wind and quiet atmosphere.

7. Caribbean

The amazing sea

Go on a cruise trip to explore Caribbean Sea territory. You will have the opportunity to
experience the most romantic trip on a cruise ship, along with the impeccable service worth a 5 star hotel service on land.