Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations in Africa


Africa is a hidden gem as not all people know the real beauty of the continentIt is rarely found that people who have just tied the knot choose Africa as their next destination for the honeymoon. But why not trying to do something different? After all, we only live once.

Kenya is famous for its white beaches and wildlife game. 2 or 3 days trip to Tsavo
National Park is one thing you can’t miss while in Kenya. The old town offers a glance of
the colonial era and there is the Fort Jesus established in the 16th century.

Namibia has the famous Walvis Bay well placed off the Africa’s Atlantic coastline. A
number of luxury cruises often retreat on the port. The deep waters contain countless
beautiful underwater creatures. You can also see whales sometimes.

Zimbabwe is the right place for safari and cruise. Victoria Falls, one of UNESCO’s
heritage site, often becomes the main reason why foreign tourists come to Zimbabwe. If
you want to see the elephant paradise, go visit the Hwange National Park.

Tanzania is home to the heavenly beaches. This country has developed into one of the
world’s popular honeymoon destinations with all the luxury cruise and panoramic views.

Botswana has the most romantic honeymoon cruise experiences to offer. The
accommodation is lavish and every couple is promised of an unforgettable honeymoon

Uganda is a honeymoon destination for adventurers. The mountain is rich in animals
and greeneries. The wildlife in central Africa contains various attractions for trekkers
and forest lovers.

South Africa
You can begin the South Africa luxury cruises from Cape Town. There is a cable car
that can take you from Cape Town to the Table Mountain with remarkable views along
the way.

The Muchina Mountains is among the best attractions in Zambia. Safari tour in the
wildlife parks also looks promising. Explore the forest and you can find the fresh water
in the rivers.

Well situated on the highest African Plateau, Rwanda has hills and mountains for
adventurers to enjoy. Over 600 birds species can be found in this country.

If it is the best honeymoon destination in Africa, perhaps Malawi is the winner. The
country has been famous for the sunset over the Lake of Stars and enticing forests.