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La Falotière in Loire Valley

Romantic B&Bs in France

Paris is often referred to as “the city of lovers,” and when you are in the city, you’ll do well by choosing …


Romantic Fun in Rome

In a city that has been around for tens of thousands of years, there is certainly no lack of activities and attractions. …

Bistrot des Deux Théâtres

Romantic Restaurants in Paris

You will have an easy time finding romantic restaurants in Paris. After all, Paris is the city of romance. Many restaurants actually …


Romantic Fun in Ireland

Most tourists heading for the UK go to England and Scotland. Obviously these two countries are fantastic places to visit, but it …


Romantic B&Bs in England

England is a beautiful country. Beautiful countryside, a stunning coastline, lakes, rivers, woods, little towns, and castles and heritage everywhere…it has everything. …